Benefits of Importing Ladies Garments from Manufacturers in India
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India has always been one of the hubs for manufacturing and exporting wide range of garments to different countries across the globe. Actually, Indian textile sector is one of the oldest industries in the Indian economy, exporting the garments to several centuries. Initially the unorganized sector like handloom, handicrafts and sericulture was highly in demand. Now the organized sector, which consists of spinning apparel and garments, and applies modern machinery and techniques to produce with economies of scale contributing to GDP of country.

design ladies wearHowever, India has been also remained the leading women’s clothing wholesale suppliers to various European notions and countries in US continents. Actually, availability of skilled and low-cost labour is a comparative advantage for India to produce such garments at competitive price.

And many large garment manufacturers have the advantage of higher productivity because of advanced and automatic technology. While some competitive advantages of garment manufacturers are firm-specific, depending on their size, resources, managements and their commitment, along with skilled knowledge, expertise and resources for managing the global value chain of supplying the highly fashionable garments across the globe.

If you are looking for women’s clothing manufacturers in India you need know the actual benefits and competitive advantages to buy ladies garments from here and earn lucrative returns after selling these apparels in retail markets. We have discussed here below few points justifying the benefits of buying ladies garments from manufacturers in India.

Advantages of Importing Ladies Garments from Manufacturers in India:

Availability of Low-cost of Raw Materials

India has been also one the leader in producing raw material for apparel industry. And this dominancy also facilitates an easier and low cost availability of raw materials for garments industry. The easy and low-cost availability of raw material for apparel manufacturing also provides enough room for importers to sell the costumes at competitive price while earning lucrative margins in various targeted markets.

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Skilled and Hardworking Labor Force 

Indian garment industry is also known for skilled workers and hardworking labors who can work overtime and produce with mass production to meet the demand of importers across countries. And being a second largest populated country India’s large workforce is involved in garments manufacturing. Here, ladies garments manufacturers also work with skilled workforce like creative fashion designers and production manager or quality mangers to produce such garments with best quality fabrics highly in vogue.

Favorable Export Policy by Government

Apart from other benefits, the Indian Garments industry is also well-supported by the Governments to promote the export of apparels to other countries and make a significant contribution in overall export bill of the country. Government has reduced the taxes and duties imposed on garments or ladies apparels to promote this industry and encourage exporters. The Indian garments industry also gets time-to-time revival package to boost the production and growth in this industry by bringing the new technology and optimizing the cost of production.

Well-organized Transportation Facilities

India is also well-equipped with various means of transportation facilities to experts such products as per the demand and delivery time of importers from different continents. Apart from air transport, marine shipping is one of the prime means of passage to ship such products at large scale. Indian has various ports located in different directions of the country to export the garments by seaways at less cost of transportation.

Quality and Variations in Garments Designs

Indian is also a hub of talented people who can design costumes in innovative colors to make the highly fashionable ladies garments in vogue at different markets. Actually, Indian has various public as well as private institutions providing advance education facilities with skilled development programs for students to gain their knowledge show their skills while working in apparel industry. And ladies dress manufacturers also use quality fabric to produce such garments to make sure customers get the right clothing while matching their style and comforts.


While keeping in mind all the above-mentioned benefits of buying ladies garments from manufacturers in India, this country is one the best or most suitable destination for outsourcing women’s clothing manufacturing at lowest cost. Moreover, there are many other benefits for women’s clothing wholesale suppliers from India on the cards, as Government’s is trying to boost more this industry in ear future by introducing more favorable schemes for exporters making this one of the most preferred destination for apparel manufacturing at lowest cost.

DPL India – A Ladies Garments Manufacturers and Supplier in India

DPL India is also one the well-known ladies wear manufacturers in India makes wide range of fashionable costumes in different shapes, colors, sizes produced with quality fabrics. It has well-equipped manufacturing units to produce highly fashionable ladies dresses like Skirts, Blouses, Tops, Pants, and Coordinated Groups etc. made with wide range of fabrics like pure and blended fibers of cotton, linen, rayon, chiffon and polyester. It is supplying ladies garments to wholesalers, importers and boutique owners in US, Canada and European countries at cost-effective prices with timely delivery of products.

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