Different Types and Properties of Fabrics Suited for Ladies Skirt
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Skirts are one of the antiquated dresses for ladies keep them comfortable while wearing as a causal wear. Different age group of ladies enjoy dressing up with skirts that is made in different shapes, sizes, designs and shades embroidered on different fabrics to make them look lovely.

Ladies skirtsAs of now most of ladies garments manufacturers added this dress production in their clothing line to drive their topline growth in mass marketplaces like US, Canada, Europe and most of the western countries having the culture and trend of wearing skirts at different occasions. Actually, different types of fabrics used in making ladies skirts makes a difference and become a decision making point for the women who prefer to buy this outfit in their budgets.

If you are ladies apparel importer or boutique owner and looking to add this dress in your selling range you need to understand the types of fabrics suitable for ladies skirts so that you can import the right skirt dresses made with right fabrics that are highly in demand among these gender. So, let’s find out below what are the different famous fabrics used or suited for ladies skirts to make it attractive and comfortable for the women to enjoy with an attractive look.

Types of Fabrics Suitable for Ladies Skirts


This is one of most demanding fabric famous for making jeans clothes like trousers, jackets and skirts with long-lasting durability even with rough use. Denim is mainly made with cotton, known as one of the best types of fabrics suitable for ladies skirts but many blended fabrics are also highly in demand due to easy care and wash. Mainly short or miniskirts are made with denim and ladies want to look physically more attractive prefer to buy such costumes and enjoy the comfort of denim fabric with descent look especially young girls who love denims in faded blue shades.


It is a plain weave type of fabric with a rough, crispy surface that gives a wrinkle-free looks to any dress made from this material. Actually, any fiber can be used for making crepe, but most commonly used materials are silk, cotton, polyester, viscose (rayon) and wool. It is best suitable for making long skirts with attractive designs and eye-catching prints to make it the first choice for women love to wear skirts. Though, this fabric can be also used for various other garments like blouses etc.


This is a low density, light and comfortable fabric used for making different types of garments including skirts. The best quality of silk is that it shimmers and shines with high resistance to deformation and having good insulation properties like keeping the warm in winter and cool in summer. Silk can used other fabrics like cotton, wool, microfiber fabrics and stretch fabrics to make it suitable for different dresses. Ladies skirts made with silk is one of the most comfortable dress with sparkling look.

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Made with silk yarn, it is one of the best smooth fabrics that give a shiny surface and a dull back to any garment made from it. Textile industry now produces satin made from viscose, or synthetic fibers to make it more affordable for customers. Women’s clothing manufacturers are also using this fabric to make highly fashionable ladies dresses like skirts, blouses and tops that gives a luxury look and having a good elasticity. Though, it is difficult to care and snags easily because of the long floats but ladies still prefer to choose this fabric and now companies are also making evening wear, lingerie and wedding gowns made with satin that gives a lustrous surface.


For making dress quilting cotton is the best fabric suited for ladies skirt that can give a very fancy or designer print. Cotton Lawn, Poly cotton and Stretch cotton are also blended cotton fabric suitable for making skirts. Cotton is one the best and long-lasting use fabric used in making skirts in different designs, shades and styles. Women can find wide range of cotton fabric made skirts as per their color choice and preference to make sure they can enjoy power of their dressing sense.


This is also made with cultivated silk that why also called silk chiffon extremely thin fabric, semi-transparent fabric knitted in a plain weave with a tightly twisted fine yarn. Though, it is mainly used to make scarves and blouses but now ladies skirts are also made with this cloth that gives fine, smooth, lustrous handle to any costume. Ladies prefer to buy skirts made from chiffon due to its elegant drape, elastic, fairly crease resistant and also durable and lightweight making it best dress material.


It is kind of silky, smooth and luxurious fabric used in manufacturing the wide range of garments for different age group of people across the world. It is not only heavy and durable with a lustrous sheen but silk made velvet gives shimmering, almost fluid surface that helps to get flexible drape various ladies wear. Velvet made skirts can be worn in winters with very cool cool-weather look, especially when paired with nice tall boots.  Velvet made long skirts are highly in demand among ladies as it gives the best option for party wear with gorgeous look.


It is a sturdy, reliable fabric that has parallel, lengthwise cords or ridges. It is also known as cousin of velvet and it is derived from the French word for “Cord of the King”. Though it is originally made of cotton but nowadays blends with other fabricated fibers likes polyester, rayon and acrylic to make it more affordable and acceptable in making different costumes. Soft, fine-wale corduroys work well for dresses like vests, blouses, and softer skirts for ladies. Wholesale ladies clothing suppliers use this stuff because it is a perfect fabric for skirts that can be easily styled over tights and boots with a sweater on top, transitioning it beautifully into winter to keep warm and fitted.


Apart from this, there are many fabrics used in making the ladies skirts suitable to make this costume look pretty for women wearing at various occasions. Ladies garments manufacturers in India like DPL India are making wide range of dresses like skirts, blouses, tops, pants, coordinated groups etc. and other fashionable garments for ladies using the best quality fabrics like pure and blended fibers of cotton, linen, rayon, chiffon and polyester at affordable pricing. Importers looking to impart highly-fashionable ladies skirts from India can choose DPL to get best designer skirts made with rich fabrics and fabricated in latest designs and shades in vogue.

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